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A.    Retirement Planning


Retirement Planning Overview


Setting Retirement Goals


Saving For Retirement


Establishing a Retirement Budget


Pre-Retirement Checklist


Retirement Timing

B.    Retirement Investing


Retirement Investing Overview




IRA's (Conventional & Roth)


Annuity Investments


Brokerage Accounts


Certificates of Deposit (CD's)


US Treasury Securities

C.    Retirement Expenses


Retirement Expenses Overview


Income Taxes


Housing Expenses


Budget Tracking/Adjusting


Health Care & Medicare


Long Term Care Insurance


Shifting of Expenses


Debt Reduction

D.    Retirement Income


Retirement Income Overview




Social Security


Dividends & Interest


Annuity (Fixed & Variable) Income


Investment Fund Payouts/Withdrawals


Rental Income


Reverse Mortgages

E.    Retirement Lifestyle


Retirement Lifestyle Overview




Second Home Ownership & Residency


Having a Second Career


Vacation & Travel

F.    Estate Planning


Estate Planning Overview


Wills & Trusts


Asset Ownership


Life Insurance